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The TRE method at work:

Stress and its effects affect all levels in the company.

Different methods of stress management can relieve different aspects of the problem.

The TRE method intervenes on all of these effects by soliciting our natural and innate mechanism for the evacuation of stress residues and the rebalancing of the nervous system.

It will therefore allow you to feel better at work, to be more composed and thus increase the ability to concentrate. The TRE method offers an effective solution to the problem of stress in the workplace, easy to implement collectively or individually, and proven by a growing number of scientific studies.

I offer individual sessions and small group sessions.

A session lasts an hour and a half.

What happens during a session?

I start the session with an explanation of the method and I answer any questions.

Then I take a few minutes to do grounding and relaxation exercises to connect to the body.

The TRE method consists of 7 simple exercises that I do with the person or the group.

With the fatigue of the muscles, fine vibrations will appear, we will let them act gently on the body in the lying position.

In general we let the body vibrate for about 15/20 minutes, then we take a time of integration, rest before ending the session with a moment of sharing.

At the end of a session the person feels a feeling of deep calm.

For a personalized quote contact me: or Tel: 07 61 20 35 33

The TRE® method does not in any way replace medical advice or treatment.

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